Web Questionnaire


This questionnaire will provide us with the key information we need to have a clear understanding of your current online presence.

Please provide us with as much detail as possible. If you are unsure of an answer, feel free to skip it!

Company Name:
Website URL:
Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Current language and database platform:
What is your role in the decision making process?
Project Timeline:
Project Budget:
Situation Analysis

What are the basic goals of this current project?
Project Scope Overview

What is the scope of your project? Check all that apply:
Overall site objectives:

Web Design Objectives

What are the main objectives of your website?
How has your current site achieved / not achieved your goals?
Key messages to convey?
Design aspirations?
Key words to describe look & feel?
Brand consistency & Marketing materials:
What is your proposed website architecture / navigation structure?
Technical Requirements

E-commerce requirements: Will you sell products or services online? Latched Media & Co. has experience building shopping carts ranging from 1 to 20,000 SKU’s. We can also integrate your store with back-office accounting, shipping, and inventory databases.  Tell us your needs:
Content Management: How often will you change content? Who will manage it? How technically savvy is your staff?  Latched Media & Co. has experience with a wide variety of CMS platforms to enable your staff to manage your website content. Describe your needs:

Web Database: Will your site show/display any information from a database?
Web programming:  Do you have custom programming requirements or a custom web application that will be built into your website? Latched Media & Co. has 3 separate teams of software engineers skilled in Microsoft .NET, Java, & PHP/Open Source. Describe your needs:
Other requirements?
Web Marketing

How does your company currently market itself?
How is business generated?
How do people find you offline?
How do people find your website?
How do you drive traffic to your website?
How many people visit your website?
Which products or pages are most popular?
What feedback have you had about the site?
What other online sources provide information relevant to your topic?
Who are your online competitors?
Will you monitor website traffic?
Customer Demographics

Who is your customer?
How do they make a buying decision?
What are their key criteria for buying your product/service?
How do they hear about you?
How do competitive products/service position themselves compared to yours?
What is unique and superior about your products/services?
What is the "experience" you want customers to have from start to finish when interacting with you?
What problem do you solve for your customers? What is that problem costing your customers?
What are the benefits of your solution? What are the advantages?
What proof do you have that your solution is unique and better?
Which of the following resources will you provide?