We form partnerships with certainty.

Our Trust & Compliance Partners


Jornaya Intelligence

Jornaya Intelligence is a first-hand witness to the consumers’ complete buying journey – not just on our websites but everywhere the consumer has been. This data helps us make smarter business decisions in real-time.


TCPA Guardian

TCPA Guardian monitors the size, text, and overall visibility of your TCPA disclosure and the manner in which the consumer provides consent, helping us avoid non-compliant leads that could put your business at risk.

Consumer Identification

Utilizing Jornaya’s solutions, we are able to provide a transparent and compliant approach to prospect identification. From the first interaction the prospect makes with our domain, to the transition to outside web properties, Jornaya will connect the entire prospect journey with a privacy-friendly approach.

Identification Attributes:
Consumer Orgin
Event Duration
Prospect Velocity

Consumer Data Protection

Our data collection infrastructure is built around our core values. We provide security for, and limited retention of, data collected strictly for online behavioral advertising purposes. In addition to that, we always verify regulatory and self-regulatory compliance within our web properties.