We go where the consumer goes.

Utilizing Online & Offline Interactions

Our approach integrates with Facebook’s notorious data digest operation forming a specialized positioning strategy with the target audience.

Remarketing Data

Over time, our team collects remarketing data to push new and relative offers to leads who have previously interacted with our campaigns or web properties. Our remarketing data allows us to reach another level of behavioral interest, parallel to Facebook’s bandwidth of consumer data.

Demographical Data

The extensive research that goes into attempting to identify the age range of a TV series primary audience or a magazine’s readership is hard to justify with the demographical data that Facebook provides. Facebook is able to eliminate the guesswork from our demographic targeting procedures.

Behavioral Data

Facebook’s partnerships with data brokers, such as Datalogix, has allowed advertisers to target online and offline behaviors such as large purchases or spending activity. Today, Facebook holds hundreds of behaviors available for targeting on ad campaigns.