The Results

Customer Acquisition

Increasing new business efforts.

Customer Retention

Increasing customer lifetime value.

Asset Management

Increasing your profit margins.

Gross Profit

Owning 95% of The Market

As the Director of Marketing & Sales, Marco Valenzuela brought extensive value to the kingpin of mobile HVAC systems for custom applications. Under his tenure, the corporation has grown from manufacturing 848 units/year to 2425 units/year and seeing sales growth of 76% over 8 years. Their market share grew from 36% to 95% of the industry’s key OEM and their dealer networks.


Annual Revenue

Technology Branding

Stage 1 & 2 Growth Partners

Disengaged businesses don’t have the proper budget and resources to put towards effective online marketing campaigns without paying unnecessary, expensive customer acquisition costs. By becoming a Growth Partner, disengaged businesses can get the launch pad they need to establish their brand and start getting proven referral business.

Restaurant Brand Design

Stage 3, 4, & 5 Growth Partners

Mature businesses that have sustained a consistent increasing revenue but lack the reduction in expenses. Becoming a Growth Partner cuts marketing and sales costs creating a substantial, positive impact towards lean management.