Mortgage Leads: Our Favorite Handling Techniques

A tremendous amount of effort is involved in acquiring them – whether they are purchased or created in-house. Regrettably, all that effort goes to waste if the next couple of steps in the sales procedure are not managed with the very same care and attention.In the jungle of sales, there are no assurances, however by using the following approaches, mortgage prospect opportunities are most likely to transform.

Lead Equality

While some originators might be against squandering time going after “dead-end leads,” it might likewise be argued that any lead left to go cold is a waste of time and resources it took to produce it. The fact is, excellent looking mortgage leads can turn out to be dead ends and opportunities that do not appear to be high quality, might transform rapidly.


At the time the lead is generated, the prospect’s desire to take action is much higher. Research studies reveal that opportunities are 100% more likely to be reached within the very first 5 minutes of generation compared to those that are contacted 30 minutes later.

Be Accessible

The quantity of times that individuals leave a lead to go cold because of time constraints is impressive. In the bulk of cases, we suggest touching with prospects after 7 pm. In addition to that, studies have revealed that potential customers who are contacted on a Saturday are more most likely to convert than those who are contacted throughout the week.

These methods might seem obvious to some of you, but you’d be surprised how many partnership precautions we have placed due to the lack of the critical handling techniques listed above.

If you need some guidance to develop procedures around these techniques, please reach out to us!