Brand Consultation


This brand questionnaire is the foundation to building meaningful brand's that succeed. This questionnaire will provide us with the key information we need to have a clear understanding of your current brand strategy & communications.

Please provide us with as much detail as possible. If you are unsure of an answer, feel free to skip it!

Name Email Phone Number
Company Name:
Company's Philosophy / Mission Statement:
Company's Tagline:
One word or phrase to describe your product:
Brand Personality Traits:
Long Term & Short Term Goals:
Describe your existing audience:
Describe your ideal prospect / audience:
Your Sales / Communication Process (how do people hear about you, when do you contact them, how do you contact them, etc.):
Primary Services:
Secondary Services:
Primary Competitors (please provide website link if possible):
Aspects of competitors image / brand are positive to you and why:
Your advantage on your competitors:
What message does your brand display:
Have you received good / bad comments about your brand?
In your opinion, do you think your brand has a limited space to distribute the brand image?
Quality of Current Brand Materials & Communications:
How have you utilized your brand to create team culture and other internal motives:
Do you have a primary message that you want your brand to display?
Are there any other attributes you want your brand to display?
Other Comments:
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