Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

The number one driving factor for me is the unique projects we bring to the team. Working with a variety of clients coming in all shapes and sizes, there’s always something different brewing at Latched Media. We work with a team of passionate and energetic individuals that are 100% committed to success.

Bailey Palazuelos is the original founder of Latched Media. Bailey has over six years of hands-on experience with affiliate management, media buying, and brand development. At Latched Media, he serves as the managing partner & head of client acquisition. Using his passion for client experience and success, Bailey plays a key role in the culture and performance of the Latched Media family.

The clients and team at Latched Media know they can rely on Bailey for an honest answer, a meaningful conversation, or an unexpected solution to a problem. He has dedicated himself to creating a transparent and highly profitable solution for his clients.

It’s amazing what we have been able to accomplish thus far. Since the beginning of my involvement in the organization, I have had a variety of experiences with unique clients from all over the world. There’s no question about it, Latched Media has taken client acquisition to a new level.

Marco is the managing consultant and advisor at Latched Media. Marco has over 28 years experience developing and executing initiatives to drive growth and increase efficiency and profitability. Well versed in the engineering of processes and teams that allows personnel to be a leader in their given area of strength in order to pursue the corporation’s goals of expansion and diversification.

Marco serves the organization and our clients a diligent approach to the client acquisition process, business expansion efforts, and expense reduction. If we were to describe Marco in a few quick words, he’s a dedicated family man with a sense of humor and profitability!