What is a Symbol-Intensive Brand?

A symbol-intensive brand is a brand that is acknowledged not only for its utilitarian benefits but above all, for the strong identity and significance that the symbol-intensive brand is able to transmit. Symbol-intensive brands allow consumers to signal his or her identity to manifest a sense of belonging.

In addition to that, symbol-intensive brands are able to sustain long-lasting relationships with their customers by keeping them emotionally attached to the brand. Lifestyle brands most commonly rely on the symbolic knowledge base.

There are five classifications of symbol-intensive brands:

Authority Brands

Brand authority is essential to sell. Customers go to their most trusted brand as their primary source of expert product information and best-in-class merchandise. The brands’ supremacy will bypass the competitors with similar products at a lower price. Brand authority is built on a great foundation. Identifying your core positioning strategy will give your customers a brand promise to rely on and build trust from.

Solution Brands

Solution brands cover a variety of customer segments and/or product categories. Generating emotional benefits for the customers gives them a sense of comfort and trust. Solution brands are commonly global brands with leading positions, such as Volkswagen.

Icon Brands

Brands carrying properties that make it instantly recognized are Icon Brands. Icon Brands feature directed emotional benefits targeted to make the customer usual status, better. Icon brands’ are the most successful, distinct and popular symbol-intensive brands.

Cult Brands

A product or service built on a community is a cult brand. Cult brands have a committed customer base that truly believes in more than just the product or service, they believe in the way of life. They use cultural brand strategy to create a lifestyle revolving around their brand.

Lifestyle Brands

Lifestyle brands positions themselves to provide embodied solutions based on the characteristics of the culture. Brands that thrive on their attitude contribute inspiration and motive to the consumer’s culture and lifestyle. They strive to become a social norm curated by the ideology of their group or culture.

Symbol-intensive brands communicate a strong purpose to their customers. Customers become ambassadors of the brand when the brand has successfully communicated that purpose. Once they are latched on, they find the brand irreplaceable in their lives.

Research has proven that brands that have a continuous uprising of economic performance are most common brands capable of developing engaging relationships and social influence that communicate the original point of view, also known as, symbol-intensive brands.