About Us

We Build Cultural Brand Environments

Humanity is something not one single organization can achieve, its an effort that we all have to be a part of. Latched Media started as an idea, an idea that could bring the world together as one. We wanted to be the incubator of world unity and acceptance. In order to do that, we had to expose ourselves to a variety of cultures around the world. Over the next four years we traveled around North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Mexico, and South America.

After a variety of amazing cultural experiences, we were able to combine our expertise in branding and marketing with the roots of each culture to create brand experiences that are memorable and monumental. Now we have teamed up with people from all over the world to make this happen. We are a team of brand strategists and designers from around the world creating brand environments that deliver a welcoming cultural experience for everyone.

Our Expertise

We are a team of brand experts who have worked with multiple brands to build brand equity and see results.

Our Innovation

We innovate for the future of every brand in ways that make sense right now.

Our Responsibility

We deliver brand solutions that are strategically placed to be memorable and agile to the market.